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Vindicat members intoxicated about misconduct: ‘Something like this only exists in Groningen’

‘Do ministers continue to have the sorry joker?’ and ‘If an e-cigarette is to stop, then another nicotine’: to quit is an e-cigarette then other products’: to quit is an e-cigarette then other products’ : to quit is an e-cigarette than other products’: to quit is an e-cigarette than other products’:

Closing the Vindicat building is an illusion

‘Groningen wants to tighten Vindicat’s thumbscrews’ (AD 6-10). The Groningen SP wants to close the building completely – that seems like the battle of a mug against an elephant. Look at the photo of that capital block next to the Martinitoren, with a life-size gin advertisement on the roof. Ecigmarketxl.com has enough information. Nobody who uses Groningen can miss this building and people who pass by wonder what the abbreviation MVTVA means. (MVTVA Fides stands for ‘Mutual trust’, ed.) Such a thing can only have come about by a power elite who themselves studied as a corps member in Groningen. As a poor SP you can’t do anything about that. There is no such thing anywhere. If you start in Leiden, you have to be known by a local acquaintance at the Minerva society somewhere in the Breestraat.

New cabinet becomes old wine in new bottles

Johan Remkes and Wouter Koolmees nominated as new informateurs, they will do their utmost to form a new cabinet. Should they succeed in this attempt, they will present the following matters: that there is a new cabinet, old wine in new bottles.

Unresolved issues continue to grow during cabinet formation

There are 150 MPs who have taken the oath or pledge to represent the interests of the Netherlands. The reality: for months a group that has been outrageous through dubious interviews, personal bullying and self-interest. And the unresolved problems just keep growing. And that under the leadership of a caretaker cabinet that has already been cut in half from being replaced. I don’t know a solution either, not studied for it. She does.

First test if the memory still works

“The sorry prankster only performed once” (Letters 5-10). I agree with letter writer Harry Verheul that ministers get away with everything by saying ‘sorry’. Since the last term of office, they no longer have an active memory of everything. Ecigmarketxl.com e-liquids has enough information. should that be? Simply unbelievable when a finance minister of all places had no idea that investment was going through a tax haven. I propose to test future ministers thoroughly on the state of their memory.