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Agile life

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What is Agile? From English this word is translated as “dexterous”, “agile” or “agile”. The word Agile has recently been very closely associated with the environment of programmers, startups and the development of technology projects, and includes a whole concept that opposes the standard methods of performing tasks. The essence of the Agile methodology is in its flexibility and in the fact that people, communications and a working product are much more important than strict documentation, which may not take into account the pitfalls that emerge during the project.

Katerina Lengold is an excellent student with diplomas from several prestigious universities, an entrepreneur and, probably, one of the youngest vice presidents of companies in the aerospace industry. On account of Katerina, as an author, already two powerful works – “Cosmos. Agile Diary for Personal Development “, which is already used by tens of thousands of people around the world, and her new book” Just Space “, in which she shares the secrets of agile life. You will learn about seven of them today in this review. So let’s go!

What is Agile in Life?

It’s about trying new things every day. Be curious. Don’t stop looking for something that will delight and inspire every day. Listen to yourself regularly. Learn to recover energy after completing difficult tasks and deal with failure correctly.

Life is a series of experiments

But in order for each experiment to be successful and from it one could gain experience, it is necessary to learn to set clear goals. Research shows that the more specific we formulate our goals, the more likely they are to be achieved. In setting goals, it is important to remember: they should not be long-term: for 5, 10, 15 years. Set short-term goals – 1, 2, or 3 months. Divide the big task into small steps.

About deadlines

Deadline is the deadline for completing the task. Very often people tend to overestimate their efforts to accomplish a particular task. It is wrong to set a deadline one year ahead, because for the brain it will mean that it is still far from completing the task and it is still possible to save resources and not overload oneself. The deadline should be short. It is very important that we always feel his approach.

Reward Yourself for Success

This is a very strong motivation to achieve new goals. Once you’ve broken down your big task into small milestones, assign yourself a reward for completing each of them. This will subconsciously motivate you to quickly go through each stage and get the coveted “medal”.

Obstinacy is a key skill of a successful person

Develop stubbornness in yourself. It is a skill that will help you get ahead over a longer life span. Obstinacy will help you overcome life’s adversities and setbacks. But being stubborn is not the same as being stubborn when we continue to do something thoughtlessly, go ahead and ignore our past mistakes. Obstinacy is the ability not to give up and get out of difficult situations without fear.

Learn to say no

Life provides us with many options and paths that we can take. And in this diversity, it is important to respect priorities. Refuse the unnecessary, follow the path that we have outlined for ourselves. “You can achieve anything when you stop doing everything,” says Katerina Lengold.

Complete the highest priority and most difficult tasks in the morning

We have the most strength and energy two to four hours after waking up. Don’t waste this time, remember that the rest of the time during the day may not be as productive anymore, and you will simply miss the moment of your day’s peak.

The most important thing

Stop being afraid. After all, most of the fears in our head are absolutely far-fetched and have nothing to do with reality. Begin to act, take the first step, push your “trailer” as hard as possible, and then it will carry you already due to the force of inertia and energy that will be generated in the process of achieving life goals.

Should you read the book?

It is definitely worth it if you want to learn how to set the right goals, analyze your achievements, not to lose yourself in the endless race for success. The book is understandable, written in a very simple language, includes many practical tasks and contains a lot of useful information.

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