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5 Ways to Spot a Fake Website

As technology continues to advance, many websites continue to spring up daily. If you are going to give meaning to anything you do in this digital age, then you have to create an online presence for it. The best way to create an online presence for your business or establishment is to create a website for it.

However, with increasing websites comes the challenge of fake websites as expressed incustomer reviews. It appears that there are as many fake websites as there are original. The big question for everyone’s – how do you spot a fake website?

A major way tospot a fake website is to pay attention to the address bar of the website. Generally, secured websites always come as ‘https://’ while the unsecured ones come as ‘http://.’ What you will notice is that while one has ‘s,’ the other doesn’t. When browsing with Google, you will notice a warning that says you are about to access a site that is not secured. Not only is it not safe, it can also be fake.

The domain name is another thing to pay attention to when spotting a fake website. Original websites always come with .com, .net, .org, etc. When you cannot place thedomain of a website in the common names, then there is a high probability that it is fake, and you have to be careful when accessing it.

Websites that want to thrive and attract more traffic are always concerned about optimization. With the right optimization, a website can rank high on search engines and enjoy better customer reviews. Grammar is an integral part of content optimization. When you visit a website and you notice poor grammatical construction, it is possible that such a site is fake.

Carrying out virus scans before accessing a website might seem a bit too extra, but with the increasing activities of hackers and crackers, nothing can be too much. One of the best ways to spot a fake website is to carry out a virus scan on the website before engaging it. With a virus scan, you can know everything that is wrong with a website and the danger it poses if you access or engage it.

Every original website always tries to assure users of the safety of their information. To do this, they always make provision for a privacy policy that states in clear terms how information are received and used on the website. Where you cannot find any of such privacy information on the website you are accessing, that may be a sign that it is fake.

Before you provide any information of yours on the internet, you have to ensure you are not doing so on a fake website. Information provided on a fake website can be used to harm or scam you. Any of these 5 tips that have been provided above can be used to detect a fake website.