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Rent A Car To Visit These Magnificent Tourist Attractions In The United Kingdom

Consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom (UK) has been one of Europe’s most popular and beautiful tourist destinations. The country’s plea has much to do with its miscellaneous scenery and rich cultural heritage. From the state-of-the-art museums and art galleries to the magnificent castles, the country has a perfect tourist attraction to cater to tourists of all tastes. But visiting the United Kingdom could be a lot more fun and enjoyment if you opt to hire a vehicle on rent from a car rental company, you can check prices here. This will not only save you the time but also bestow you the freedom to travel to any place time. But let us reveal some of the places that demand a must to pay a visit.

A Touch Of China In The China Town

Looking for the best place to visit to try the authentic chines cuisine while in London? Head straight to the china town in London located in the east end just off Shaftesbury Avenue, the place offers you a glimpse into the history and to get indulged into some of the best chines cuisines in the United Kingdom.

Discover The World’s Oldest Heritage Stonehenge

Created as a place for worship, the Stonehenge is the oldest known heritage site of the world. Dig deep into the history of this magnificent structure build by man and visit by pilgrims from the past 4500 years. The site covers the 20 square kilometres of the area and offers you a fascinating tour to the construction of this mesmerising site.

While visiting Stonehenge, don’t forget to visit the city of Salisbury. This medieval city offers you a tour to the most renowned cathedrals of the country, which dates back to 1220. But along with the famous home of Magna Carta, the city also offer various historical architectures and medieval churches.

Visit The Wall Of Hadrian

Under the ruling of great Roman Emperor Hadrian, the Romans have built the defensive wall of Hadrian in 122 AD. The wall extends from the Wallsend on East Coast to the Ravenglass on the west. The wall offers a dual purpose as a strong defensive fortification and a point of customs and levy taxation. The wall gets a reconstruction in the 19th century to save it from the wear and tear by John Clayton.

Witness The Finest Cathedrals In The History Of Britain-York Minster

One of the finest and the largest cathedrals in Britain and northern Europe, York Minster, is a site to visit. Plan a tour to this magnificent and beautiful state of the art structure to witness the marvellous Gothic Nave, chapter house, and amazing stained windows. York Minster was constructed in the 14th century to declare the dominance of Christianity all across England.

The places mentioned above deserve a visit if you are planning on visiting the United Kingdom this year. But why not make your visit even more relaxing and convenient? Choose the vehicle of your choice on rent from any of the best car rental services providers in United kingdoms like Autoprio and make your travel convenient and relaxing.