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The new age of traffic management

Technology has improved our way of living far beyond our imaginations. With every advancement and update in technology, our lives become just a bit more easier and convenient. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up for debate, but it can’t be ignored how far we’ve come as a civilization thanks to technology. 

Traffic management is one of the places that technology has helped in more ways than one. Over the years, more and more technological trends helped shape the future of traffic management. In this blog post, we have composed a list of some tech advancements that prove that we’re in a new age of traffic management, making this industry safer and more effective.


The Long range RFID

Access control of vehicles to secure areas is very relevant at the moment due to the steady stream of traffic needing to be more simple and effective to be able to carry on running a business.                    

RFID is short for radio frequency identification. The long range RFID uses electromagnetic fields to wirelessly identify as well as track different objects. Areas such as gated communities could benefit a lot from this system as the long range RFID is great for improving security in restricted areas. By attaching the RFID tag onto the vehicles that are granted access in the restricted area and an RFID reader at the entrances and exits, then those vehicles will simply have to drive close enough to the reader and automatically get let in. This improves the traffic flow and limits congestion.


Live Traffic feeds

In the United States, there are cities that have been using sensors to show a live feed of traffic. The sensors are put on roads and the routes public transportation takes and people can go online to check if the congestion is bad, find parking spaces, and even find the location of a bus. Having live traffic feeds will benefit the public transit system significantly as people will know where the transportation is and how long it will take to reach its destination or any stops along the way. 

Vehicle to infrastructure safety signals

Vehicle to infrastructure, or V2I, is a technological system that helps vehicles transmit information with traffic control signals. This helps people get information about what’s happening in traffic, such as any issue that could arise. If there is irregular weather that wouldn’t be safe to drive in.

Tracking systems for pedestrians

The V2I system can be used to make things safer for pedestrians as well. It can be used to detect how pedestrians and vehicles interact with each other at intersections. With the data gathered from tracking how many vehicles and pedestrians pass through, city planners can improve roadway planning in order for it to be safer.