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Can you retrieve an anonymous text?

An anonymous text is nice if the intention of sending that text message is good. Only not everyone who sends an anonymous text has a good intention. Unfortunately, there are also various scammers who use this form of texting. Scammers in particular may send multiple text messages. Fortunately, there are options.

Help from your provider

Your provider can help you in case you get often wrong anonymous messages. Have you received the same or the same anonymous text three times? Then your provider can search to find out who that anonymous caller is now. This provider then contacts the provider of that anonymous sender and then the ‘fun’ is over for the anonymous sender. That’s a relief for the one who gets those messages.

Send a sweet text message anonymously

Are your intentions okay and do you really want to send a sweet text message? Send a message a maximum of two times. That way you stay below the mentioned number of three and your SMS remains anonymous. At least, if you definitely want to prevent that person from not reporting you to his, her or their provider.

Don’t underestimate bullying

For those who think they are playing a joke with an anonymous text, think again. Bullying has serious consequences for the person being bullied. People who are bullied often get a huge blow to their self-confidence. It hurts, because emotional pain is a much more intense pain for people than people think. In addition, bullying can cause someone to become socially isolated. They sometimes have suicidal thoughts and some people who are bullied even commit suicide. If that happens, your guilt can become very intense… An ‘innocent joke’ can thus contribute to something much bigger. You are much too big for that. Have respect for each other, that will get you further in your life.