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Somone lost his Bitcoin

Saddened Bitcoin-Brit offers €58 million to be allowed to search hard drive in landfill

Sounds like a bizarre proposition. But the hard drive contains Bitcoins now worth about €236 million. We’d be willing to turn over a garbage dump for that too.

In the wake of the recent Bitcoin bonanza, a mountain of reports of people losing their Bitcoins are popping up. For example, this German cannot access his Bitcoins currently worth around €200 million because he lost the password to his hard drive.

But it could always be more distressing, because where Stefan Thomas has only lost his password, James Howells has also lost his hard drive for years. The Brit claims to have thrown the hard drive into the trash in an unguarded moment, at a time when his Bitcoins were not worth very much, by the way.

In late 2017, during the previous Bitcoin boom, he was already diligently searching for the device. His conclusion was that it must be somewhere in a landfill in his hometown of Newport, Wales. Apart from becoming world news, our friend achieved nothing with it. The local municipality did not authorize a large-scale search of the landfill.

Now that his Bitcoins represent a value of more than £210 million (about €236 million), Howells wants to try again. He is now offering the local municipality £52.5 million (about €58 million) to allow him to find his precious hard drive. And to dig up the whole thing. He wants to deposit this money in a so-called Covid Relief Fund for the benefit of the inhabitants of the town.

Sounds sympathetic. But Howells can only transfer that amount if he actually finds his hard drive. Something in which, according to this article, he still has the utmost confidence. The future will show whether the municipality grants him his quest.