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Innovation and technology on offer for tree planting companies in an urban environment

Tree planting companies are often confronted with a variety of difficulties when working in urban environments. The lack of space is one of the biggest problems, as you can imagine. Trees need their space to grow. This is not merely the case aboveground, but also the roots that grow underneath take up a lot of space. When these trees try to develop in a city, in which you have roads and pavements made of concrete for example, this infrastructure can get damaged due to the roots springing to the surface. When this is the case, you create a large workload for city employees and even safety hazards for the citizens. This is where Treebuilders comes in.

Providing trees the chance to grow in busy surroundings

How do Treebuilders help tree planting companies with their work in urban environments? They have developed a bioretention system. A bioretention system creates a barrier between the concrete aboveground and the soil underground. This prevents tree roots from damaging infrastructure and leaves them no other option then changing directions. This is not merely a hermetically sealed barrier between the roads and the soil. Soil needs a variety of resources that it can only get from aboveground, such as water. That is why a bioretention system uses a water storage system with drainage pipes as to keep the soil’s water supply well preserved. The rubber barrier of the bioretention system also creates flexibility for the roots. These barriers are the buffer zone between the roads and pavements and the soil.

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Tree planting companies should profit from the technology that has been developed by Treebuilders. That is why it is very easy to get in contact with them and use this elegant solution when working in urban environments. Contact the experts and start developing your own bioretention systems.