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The possibilities of a barred tee

A barred tee type of fitting that is  cage-like, which is often used within large pipelines. This structure of the barred tee allows a pig to pass through a maintenance system without flowing in the wrong pipe. This is because of the bar plates of the tee. They prevent the pig from flowing into parts or pipes, in which should not go into. Therefore, your company can arrange for safe and smooth maintenance operations without risking clogged pipes. The online specialist where you can buy these fittings is PipingMarket.eu.

Versatile cunifer pipes

If you are working on an off-shore or maritime pipeline project, then you should use cunifer. This is an alloy that consists of copper, nickel and iron; which has a high resistance to corrosion. Therefore cunifer a very suitable option for environments that contain corrosive substances, like seawater. But cunifer has more inner strengths than resistance against corrosion. Cunifer has anti-fouling capabilities too. This prevents algae, barnacles and other organisms to attach onto it. This is the reason why cunifer is a popular choice for the maritime industry. Are you not sure whether or not your project needs cunifer pipes? PipingMarket.eu can offer professional advice, which you would expect from a leading online expert.

Browse the website of an expert

Are you interested in using a barred tee or cunifer pipes for your projec and do you want to know where to find these products? PipingMarket.eu is the online expert on all piping products. They include valuable product data for each product on their website. However, if you have any other questions their helpdesk is always readily available to assist you. They can help you choose the right products for your project. So feel free to contact them if you have any additional questions about pipelines and construction.