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How does multi-touch attribution work with Criteo display ads?

So, you’re looking for good metrics. But don’t take the first set of data you see at face value. You need something more qualitative to go on, and a different attribution model to use. Your customer’s journey is never completed by one touchpoint, but it is always the result of collaboration among all the touchpoints that got your customer to convert.  A good marketer knows how to read the data, and they know that it is not always accurate. The best way to beat these cooked results is to use qualitative data and a different attribution model. Single touchpoints, such as one sole website or ad, can contribute to a conversion, but it is never the only factor. A customer journey always starts with one touchpoint and will always result in a conversion. So essentially, Criteo commerce display ads aren’t what you think they are.


It’s a good idea to be wary of the way analytics are reported to you. It’s not always wise to trust what you see. You should employ qualitative data, which will help you understand consumer behavior better, and use a different attribution model. A customer journey is never completed by one touchpoint, but it is always the result of a collaborative effort of all the touchpoints that reached the customer before conversion. This is a good reminder that Criteo doesn’t have a monopoly on conversions. While it’s important to view your data from a holistic perspective, it’s also important to be armed with the knowledge of where the majority of your conversions are happening. This way, when Criteo reports misleading data you’ll be able to compare it to the rest of your channels. Insight about other channels will help you defend yourself against the misleading Criteo reporting. By using multi-touch attribution, marketers can find the true value of platforms like Criteo.


Although using Google Analytics will help you see some insights about your Criteo campaign, it is not the best tool for giving complete results. In order to find out how effective your campaign is, you need to use a platform that uses attribution modeling. The Odyssey platform will allow you to see where each conversion starts and ends and will cut through the fog that haunts your past.



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