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Cosmetic uses of calophyllum vegetable oil

In the world of cosmetics, professionals are more and more seduced by natural products. And especially for the skin, Calophyllum vegetable oil is mentioned in the list of ingredients that attract today’s users. From the benefits that the oil can offer, but also from the specificity of its composition, it is simply excellent.

Calophyllum vegetable oil on the face

Do you have a beautiful face? It’s perfect! However, you can also take care of it from time to time to keep it looking so beautiful. Both men and women should use facial creams to maintain the health and moisture of the skin on the face. And to stay natural, you can choose Calophylle vegetable oil which is a real “miracle cream” for a good hold of your face.

To promote venous circulation on the part of your face, all the compositions of Calophylle oil, including polyphenols, are activated. But also, this oil has repairing and disinfecting properties thanks to the calaustralin and inophylliun that structure it. It is especially known for its ability to give more elasticity to your skin while helping to regenerate the tissues of your face. It also treats couperose (for use as an emulsion).

Excellent for hiding dark circles?

There is nothing worse than the dark circles that accumulate on the lower part of your eyes every morning. Annoying and embarrassing, dark circles can deteriorate over time and no longer want to come off on their spots. To avoid such an inconvenience, you can use Tamanu oil to combat the formation of dark circles. Other bags that form under your eyes can also be treated with this vegetable oil. To use it, apply a few drops of oil to the dark circles and massage it in so that the oil can act on the swelling. But still! 

You can also treat your problems of poor blood circulation or heavy legs with Calophyllum vegetable oil. This oil offers several benefits for the skin, but also for general health.

Tips on how to store Calophyllum vegetable oil

Since calophyllum vegetable oil is a natural type of oil, it is very important to keep it dry and away from heat and light so that it retains all its authenticity. Indeed, if the oil is too exposed to daylight, it can lose its quality and all its virtues. As a result, you can no longer use it wisely. Also, it must be kept out of reach of children to avoid danger.

In general, it is highly recommended to use Calophylle oil that has not been chemically treated. On our site, you can find 100% natural oil that can bring many benefits to your skin, both on your face and body. Indeed, treating your skin with this type of vegetable oil offers a real soothing effect. So if you opt for chemical Calophyllum vegetable oil, it can cause damage to your skin, so be very careful!