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World of Warcraft Classic: Looking Back At The Previous Phases

After a period of testing of WOW Classic’s phase 6, Blizzard has made an important announcement concerning the future of the game. The 1.13.6 patch for WOW Classic will be available on December 1. Two days later, on December 3, the players will be able to raid the undead flying fortress, Naxxramas. Unfortunately, Blizzard’s announcement did not say anything about the rumors of a future Burning Crusade extension. As a reminder, Naxxramas was the last raid of the original WOW before the Burning Crusade. Gamers can buy WoW Classic Gold to get prepared for the upcoming Phase 6.

Before reaching phase six, WOW Classic followed the same path as the original game. Before Naxxramas, there were 5 phases, each corresponding to a specific period of the original WOW. Phase one called Onyxia and Molten core were released on August 26, 2019. This patch added two raids (Molten core and Onyxia) and a dungeon (Maraudon) to the game. These raids were available for all the players who succeeded in leveling up and completing certain attunements. They then had access to some of the earlier challenges of the original game.

Phase 2 was released on November 12, 2019, and added several features to the game. It introduced PvP elements the Honor System and PvP rank rewards as well as two outdoor bosses, Kazzak and Azuregos. PvP players also had access to their first battlegrounds, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch. Dire Maul dungeon was supposed to appear in this phase but was added a few weeks after phase 1. The battlegrounds were supposed to come with phase 3 but came earlier.

Speaking of phase 3, Blackwing lair, it was released on February 12, 2020, and added a raid to the game. It also came with the Darkmoon fair event. Phase 4 was calledZul’Gurub and Arathi Basin and was released in April 2020. Zul’Gurub was a 20-man raid while the Arathi basin is a battleground where Blizzard organized a PvPesport event recently. The green dragons were also added as outdoor bosses.

Phase 5, Ahn’Qiraj was released on July 28. It added the Ahn’Qiraj war effort event to the game. That event leads the players to Ruins & Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid. Phase 5 also enabled Dungeon Tier 0.5 armor set quests. All these patches lead to the current phase, Naxxramas. The fans will have to wait one more month before they can raid the fortress.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)