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Grenco Science announces brand partnership with BLLRDR, Canada’s pioneering brand

Exclusive partnership with Grammy Award-winning OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib and legendary cultivator Jef Tek marks the G Pen’s first partnership with a Canadian company

Science (G Pen), a leader in advanced vaporization technology, today announced a brand partnership with BLLRDR, the Toronto-based brand of Grammy award-winning OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib and legendary cultivator Jef Tek. BLLRDR is known for its extensive, market-leading genetics and small batch production, developing rare and special cut strains. The groundbreaking partnership marks the first time that G Pen has joined forces with a Canadian company.

The two industry leaders will introduce exclusive co-branded hardware and collaborate on the global line of G Pen vaporizers with advanced technology. The BLLRDR x G Pen Dash is available now at select Ontario stores and at bllrdrco.co. The release is well timed with the launch of BLLRDR’s highly anticipated Afghani Bullrider strain. Considered one of the rarest genetics on the market, the strain is now officially available in the Ontario Store.


Like Afghani Bullrider, the high-quality BLLRDR x G Pen Dash Vaporizer delivers satisfying and flavorful results. The partnership will fully integrate the G Pen collaboration into BLLRDR’s retail and wholesale distribution in Canada and introduce a product offering nearly 20 years in the making. Mr Joy for the best vaporizers.

Known for defending and celebrating the connection between consumption and the arts, G Pen is delighted to partner with BLLRDR, Canada’s premier new lifestyle brand, supporting its people and their mission. stages of G Pen, and this partnership closes the loop, ”said G Pen CEO and Founder Chris Folkerts.“ It is an honor to be part of the launch of the most highly anticipated and unique genetics to the Ontario market. ”